With precision agriculture products and solutions for your farm, Trimble Agriculture assists farmers throughout every step of their farming process. Leverage Trimble’s proven technologies to operate efficiently, save on input costs and improve crop performance and productivity in order to make the best decisions for your farm – season after season, year to year. With Trimble you can select from a variety of precision agriculture products that best fit your farming needs. And you can enhance your record keeping, data analyses, and decision-making for your fields and across your entire farm. Learn more about Trimble here.

As New Zealand’s largest farm machinery specialists and retailers, Norwood represent an extensive range of the world’s most trusted farm machinery, farming technology and construction equipment manufacturers. Since 1948, we’ve been helping farmers to prepare land, plant seed, harvest crops, feed livestock, manage feed and handle effluent. Our sales teams go to great lengths to understand our customer’s unique needs, enabling them to deliver solutions that add genuine value. Our after-sales teams provide ongoing service, support and advice; using both tried-and-true and cutting-edge technology to maximise the lifetime value of our products. We can also help our customers to monitor and analyse a wide range of information about their equipment, their yields, their soil and their land. By integrating our tractors and machinery and ensuring that they are talking the same language and collecting data, that information will be highly valuable in helping to grow their business. Learn more about Norwood here.


Precision Cropping Technologies (PCT) has been providing world-class precision agriculture (PA) solutions and services for over a decade. During this time PCT has established itself as an industry leader in the provision of software tools, data processing and consulting services throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand. PCT develop and distribute a range of solutions and services including software tools for applications in Data Analysis, Agronomy, Variable Rate Irrigation and Landforming. It is the core understanding of the science behind precision agriculture that sets PCT apart. PCT are not just another record keeping provider of coloured maps, instead they offer true PA solutions and services to optimise yield, increase quality, manage inputs and boost profitability. PCT has partnered with leading Precision Agriculture companies and advisors around the world to deliver world-class solutions with local knowledge and support. This winning combination of powerful tools and local experience allows the tailoring of solutions to meet the needs of farms of all sizes and stages of their precision agriculture implementation strategy. Learn more about PCT here.

As a co-operative 100% owned by farmers, Ravensdown exists to optimise soil fertility and farm profitability in a sustainable way for farmers who need to improve their productivity and lower environmental footprint. Beyond fertiliser production, we provide a comprehensive range of key farming inputs, technical advice and technologies at lowest sustainable cost delivered how, where and when they’re needed. Ravensdown uses its buying power, supply chain, fertiliser production and logistical infrastructure to source, combine and apply precious nutrients for New Zealand and Australian soils. Its focused team of specialists can advise on combinations of key farm inputs so that farmers secure the best outcome across their whole business. A comprehensive product range across agrochemicals, seeds, animal health and nutrition is complemented by, precision application, measurement and environmental mitigation technologies. With ground spreaders that use differential GPS with variable rate application capabilities so the right amount of the right nutrient goes in the right place. Its soil testing laboratory is integrated with its precision spreading ventures. When farmers use Ravensdown spreaders, all data such as proof of placement maps are automatically uploaded to a free web-based service for the viewing of paddock history and plans on your farm map. When farmers spray, spread or measure pasture with their own C-DAX device, the same data is also automatically uploaded. Learn more about Ravensdown here.